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another try

Friday, December 30, 2005

It's snowing

It's snowing. Seeing snowflakes rain under streetlights' triangle ray of lights pays makes the itsy bitsy inside your heart warm and want to be romantic. Wrapped in over-sized sweater and old blanket, sipping hot choco, admiring the cold yet beautiful night view makes all the dry skin worthwhile. Wishing so hard to be in front of old huge fire place. Well...there is the radiator. Use your imagination people!

One Xaf will make this night perfect. Another snowy winter night...

Oh...how I love Geneva during winter. I love watching street and trees covered bit by bit with layer of white snow. I love the cold weather that always take the breath out of me and wake me whenever I stepped out from the appartment door. I love the sound of snow crushed under my boots. I love the sight of dogs and children running around in the parks, rushing to play with the snow first. And aren't kids so lovely with all their colorful wool-hat, boots and gloves? Look at that snowman, aren't they all just genious!

It's snowing and I LOVE IT!


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